#1 Premium Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon Oil for Dogs & Cats. Omega 3 Fish Oil for Dogs helps Dry Skin, Immunity &Joint. Dog Food Supplement rich in EPA+DHA Fatty Acids for Shiny Coat & Itchy Skin Relief

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&#x1f436 WILD CAUGHT NOT FARM RAISED: Know the source of your fish oil for dogs! Farm raised Salmon oil can create an imbalance of Omega 3 6 9 for dogs inadvertently making them sick. All the essential oils for dogs are retained in our Wild Caught Salmon from the pristine waters of Alaska & molecularly distilled to remove all toxins & heavy metals & meets all required standards.
&#x1f436 HEART, KIDNEYS, IMMUNITY, JOINT HEALTH: Balancing your dog’s immune system with Omega 3 for dogs help combat chronic inflammation- root cause of degenerative & inflammatory health issues. Our Omega 3 fatty acids is a great food supplement for pets helping with improved cardiovascular health, reduces the chance of arthritis, allergies, liver or kidney disease. Boost immunity & joint health by adding directly to food.
&#x1f436 ITCH-FREE & REDUCED SHEDDING: Dry, itchy skin can become very uncomfortable for your cat & could be due allergies. Our Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon Oil is essential oils for dogs with dry skin. Ours is a potent & nutrient rich Omega 3 fish oil for dogs & a powerhouse of Vitamins & Minerals that attacks underlying skin disorders which causes itching & shedding even during winter months. Cats may also have fewer hairballs with less shedding & give your dog itching skin relief.

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